Sunday, 29 January 2012

adeq :)

erm....ader sowh bdx ni kn..aku knl dyer time aku form 2&dyer form gler dpt knl dyer&cmpailh dyer jd adeq ksygn aku! m jgn mrh k.ijal adeq ogh jer!...ok ni byord dyer..sowi ar aku ni x pndai mengayat ckit..hahahah..adeq sowi yer..
*umur 17 thn
*lhr 8 sept 1995
*knl time cmping
*sporting,baek,caring,tlebeyh peramah..ha3.jgn mrh k,slalu tolong&amek brt sal aku
*life must go on..
never look back..
just look for the future..
grab the chance..
time will not wait for you..
choose the path of your life..
always smile..
because smile is beatiful..
don't just sit and wait..
wake up..
go for your dreams..
grab it..
don't bother what other people say..
just think about yourself..
just do it..
stay focus..
never forget the struggle..  
-ni aku cilok dr fb dyer.mohon copy ijal.mcm kata2 smgt dyer lh gak an
*dyer ni gler2 ckit..he3.mcm akk dyer ni :p byg kn pnh skali tu dr bukit beruang cmpai duyung jln kaki dtg umh aku coz nk ryer umh aku&jmper aku..cian adeq akk ni..syg lbeyh ar!
*cper yg knl dyer mang untng gler..sejuk prut ibu adeq aku ni mgndungkn dyer..ha3
*adeq plz jgn pkr negatif k..
*cumer syg adeq...juz bdoa&kuatkn smgt
*ader lh cternyer dsblk aku ckp ayt td..ha3..pnjg mmbebel..k ni pic dyer..OPPPPSSS!!!!!jgn tpikat k dyer sdh bpnyer >.<

  done......................... !

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